About Me

I’ve been working on my carpentry skills since I was a young one and it has always been a lifelong passion of mine. My life has take me on a spectacular path and I never have regretted a moment of that road.

What do I enjoy the most? I absolutely loved creating individual unique custom elite woodwork on private luxury jets. This ranged from boardroom tables, seat inlays, and bathroom cabinetry; if it had a carpentry component, I made it.

Why do I love it so? There is just something so satisfying with the final product in that high gloss shine – sleek, just so sleek. Of course, being sent to different places worldwide and discovery the world around us didn’t hurt any either. It has provided me with a broader outlook on life and also allowed me to grow my techniques and implement them in my work. We can always learn something new.

My Company

I gladly accepted retirement and started the journey to the dream that I’ve always had; to own my own business. Over a half decade of skilled experience cumulated to the creation and implementation of my own company. The whole process from conception to completion is a laborious journey that I enjoy each and every day from single item requests to standard contract deliveries.

Who We Serve


Easy. Everyone. No project is too small from the dreams of little tykes to large private or government corporations.

Non-profit and educational programs (schools, scouts, etc.) receive special attention and rates for projects and products.

What We Offer and Values

Each item is created with love and every attention to detail. We care the utmost about the quality of all of our products and ensure that quality assurance is given to each and every product.