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Craftmaster Fabrication provides wood and metal products from residential homeowners all the way to major manufacturing. Each item is custom made to order with the highest attention to detail.

Residential/ Commercial

A New You.
A Custom You.

DIYers, New Construction, and Remodels.

We build all of your business and residential needs.


Our full scale shop is able to provide mass market products to small and large businesses.

We are able to provide scheduled routine products to single large scale product items.


Art surrounds us all and we love to create, develop and build each unique piece.

Each craft is a labor of love.

Our design team can assist you in making sure that you get exactly what you need.

Let’s Go!

Ready to start your journey of design and development?

Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

~ Theodore Roosevelt

About Company

We Build New Future With Best Technology

Craftmaster Fabrication is able to create custom products using a CNC table which allows for uniformity and the ultimate precision.

Jerry Chandler



What Clients Say About Us

Misty D
    Misty D

    Residential Owner

    I absolutely love my bedside tables. They were able to provide exactly what I wanted including special drawer slides and inset power strips.

    John K
      John K

      Residential Owner

      They were able to build our closet exactly as we envisioned. It was timely and at the best cost. It was expertly made and we couldn’t ask for more.

      Rudy E
        Rudy E


        CMF has worked on several art projects with me and I have found their work Superior in all capacities with an exceptional high quality to the finished pieces. He is a joy to work with and hope there are more projects in the future.